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last updated at 2018-08-07 15:52
Anchakor: "all link-based navigation on the Web today is constrained to the connections made by document authors"
Anchakor: "The vast majority of those interested in a piece of work are merely readers, unable to contribute, only to consume."
Anchakor: "Imagine a world in which I could instead effortlessly offload my understanding into the hypermedia system itself using links. A world in which I could construct and refine my own set of connections in a way that seamlessly integrates with my research process."
Anchakor: "Vannevar Bush pondered the benefits of these kinds of capabilities way back in 1945 in his visionary essay As We May Think."
Anchakor: "Unlike the WWW, open hypermedia systems make a hard separation between hypermedia structure — such as links and transclusions — and resource content."
Anchakor: "Links are stored completely separately from the content upon which they are to be displayed, and all hypermedia functionality — including creation of and interaction with links — is exposed via an open protocol implemented by an independent program called the ‘link server’."
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