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last updated at 2012-02-29 20:35
danbri: Any thoughts from here?
chump bot and irc logger will be down for server upgrade 18:00-19:00GMT
dajobe: this is the chump bot
logger: See discussion
dajobe: where GMT can be approximated by UTC for the pedantic
dajobe: probably in the 18:30-19:00 slot. backups have been taken!
dajobe: all back, ruining the 438 day uptime record
danbri: (Or pagan midwinter festival etc.; I'm not fussy...)
danbri: "Cray's YarcData Division Launches New Big Data Graph Appliance"
danbri: "The launch of the uRiKA solution addresses the challenge of delivering insightful analytics on graphs, not only in terms of its ability to handle size and complexity of relationships, but also in terms of its response time and speed of processing."
danbri: "uRiKA's support for open standards like Java, RDF and SPARQL makes ISB's work extensible, feasible and sustainable, reduces our analysis time and makes possible new approaches to generating disease models that are both predictive and actionable (can help patients).""
danbri: Nicely done; the doc examples at top of page affect the matrix later in the writeup...
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