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last updated at 2011-09-16 15:23
tommorris: Redux.
tommorris: We can't use RDF. It's too complicated.
tommorris: Instead, we're using OAuth, PoCo, Activity Streams, XRD, Web Linking (RFC 5988).
tommorris: Yes, they seem complicated. But they aren't RDF. And we know RDF is complicated because... it just is!
tommorris: And because this isn't RDF, and because it's designed by Google, it can't be complicated.
tommorris: Thus endeth the editorial.
tommorris: Dydra now supports SPARQL 1.1 Query (aggregates, subqueries, negation and filtering, property paths etc.) and Update.
tommorris: They now also have a faster query engine and use Raptor for parsing.
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