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last updated at 2011-09-06 19:39
mischat: |Advance of the Data Civilization: A Timeline - Stephan Wolfram
mischat: it mentions hypertext, relational databases, and I wonder whether they mention the semantic web ?
danbri: "This edition of CCR bears a dubious distinction of having no technical articles, only editorial content"
danbri: "This is not because no technical articles were submitted: in fact, there were 13 technical submissions. However, all of them were rejected by the Area Editors on the advice of the reviewers, a decision that I did express concern with, but could not, in good conscience, overturn."
danbri: ""This book is a wide-ranging introduction to the emerging web of data and the semantic web, exploring technologies including APIs, microformats and Linked Data""
danbri: Algorithms, systems, tools for learning at scale. Sierra Nevada, Spain. Dec 16-17 2011.
dajobe: scale of what?
dajobe: rant: "does it scale?" is as stupid as asking "does it dimension?"
danbri: What workshop would you make?
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