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last updated at 2011-06-02 18:55
scor: a new initiative from Google, Bing and Yahoo! to create and support a common vocabulary for structured data markup on web pages
scor: see official announcement
scor: RDFa is mentioned at
scor: see Data Model including mapping to RDFa 1.1
dajobe: blah blah html5 microdata
danbri: "The data model used is very generic and derived from RDF Schema (which in turn was derived from CycL, which in turn ...). "
danbri: Sounds like Guha :)
danbri: Thread re wikipedia linkage
dajobe: "The authors of the Google announcement, Kavi Goel and and Pravir Gupta will be speaking at SemTech next week about Google Rich Snippets" sez article
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