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last updated at 2011-05-31 21:19
danbri: IMHO lots of good stuff here (but I would say that; = dayjob), specifically - fluid mixing of lots of ways of sharing and navigating. Social Web activity analysis, realtime multi-screen, RDF graph paths for recommendation, alongside more classical collab. filtering...
danbri: "Tracing is made more powerful by using typed links. In that case, one could perform semantic searches for all document written by people who were part of the same organisation as the author of this one, for example. This can use node typing as well."
danbri: Old WWW documentation
danbri: Nice explanation of REST, "The first thing to do is to deal with the user state. That is, where curreently the user wanders through the data in a sort of flow chart, your W3 server will be stateless. The state will in fact be held by the client as the name of the current document. Each time the user does something, the server will get the document id sent over (possible with query text) "
danbri: "...and will return the text to be displayed and the links to other states."
Wikier: the 4th international workshop Social Data on the Web
Wikier: co-located with ISWC2011
Wikier: submissions are welcomed until August 15th
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