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last updated at 2011-03-16 18:15
danbri: Mostly historical, but a sketch of a requirement:
danbri: What we can express by SPARQLing a repo today, we want to be able to run against a second repo populated by serializing and reloading that data in standard format in future.
danbri: Would that be useful?
ww: :(
OWL Annoyances
tobyink: uses OWL Functional Syntax but doesn't use the media type defined in the OWL spec, nor even the filename extension recommended.
tobyink: The ontology { [] owl:oneOf (ex:a ex:b) . } is consistent according to OWL DL. The ontology { ex:AorB owl:oneOf (ex:a ex:b) . } is not. That's right, some classes must be bnodes.
tobyink: The owl:real datatype has no defined lexical space.
tobyink: OWL Functional Syntax appears to allow Turtle-style comments, but Bijan Parsia says it doesn't - that the comment syntax is only defined for the BNF within the spec.
tobyink: However, whitespace handling is defined in the same paragraph, so if this only applies to the BNF and not OWL Functional Syntax, strictly speaking whitespace is only allowed in OWL Functional Syntax within string literals.
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