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last updated at 2011-02-25 19:56
danbri: "Which one should you use? In most cases one is not better than the other, just different. Because much of the inspiration behind HTML5 Microdata came from the efforts of the Microformats community, the two are very similar. The third option, RDFa, is somewhat more complex and in many situations it may be more difficult to implement."
danbri: That's what we get for complaining when the original Microdata was still called 'RDFa' in the HTML5 spec...
danbri: In truth it's pretty much halfway between microformats and RDFa...
danbri: Somewhat related to JSON, in that JSON does better what SOAP Encoding was trying to do
dajobe: query has got a lot bigger since then. 20-30 new builtin functions
webr3: email from sandro hawke which explains the different graph concepts we have with new terminology, really good
webr3: do read, one not to miss
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