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last updated at 2011-02-09 17:19
mischat: and no am not linking to a porn torrnet
webr3: History request.. I'm currently trying to find two bits of historical information about RDF and Namespaces...
webr3: -> interesting
webr3: -> also v interesting, it's like read write web of linked data
mischat: Robots could soon have an equivalent of the internet and Wikipedia.
mischat: i wonder why "robots" should have their own internet, and wikipedia
mischat: "RoboEarth will be a communication system and a database, he said."
ww: "armed with a growing library of knowledge about their human masters."
Anchakor: built on OWL, using SWI Prolog
csarven: aka SkyNet
Anchakor: keep in mind
mischat: [they do use the "O" word]
ww: Semantic Robot Descriptio Language == prolog?
Anchakor: details on the description language
ww: "Project Scope ... mine data from RoboEarth past data" - I wonder if this will be Free Data
puro: a roundup of some of the current practices
mischat: via Steve
mischat: stuff about HTTP Digest auth, usability issues re: http auth in general
mischat: How UI limitations hinder adoption of HTTP based authentication
mischat: How UI behaviours are/can be abused pertaining to HTTP auth
mischat: Observations on Cookie limitations
mischat: Proposals for browser vendors to allow for more widescale adoption of HTTP based auth such as digest
webr3: see-also:
shellac: Wow. Just, wow.
shellac: How to make websites super-brittle, and only indexable by google.
ww: nquads to follow in the fullness of time
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