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last updated at 2011-02-03 23:42
dajobe: looks prety accurate - people I know. sparql too
csarven: I'm not sure about the accuracy of 20+ years of experience in RDF ;)
csarven: An article about how-to create a Linked Data site using Fuseki and the Linked Data Pages framework.
tobyink: this is not dis-similar to how works.
danbri: W3C Device APIs WG, rethinking their 'policy framework', inviting discussion
danbri: "Mozilla made noises about some web-of-trust vetting for extensions. Google showed off Powerbox, a very interesting way of peering a client with a service based on a security model that OAuth would do well to think about."
mischat: they didn't even know what the @ symbol is ...
mischat: sorry for linking to perezhilton ;)
danbri: Periodic repost. Everyone working in the Semantic Web project should know about Otlet. Because he knew about us...
danbri: Broadcast in 1984. Discusses expert systems, AI etc.
danbri: "What we see underneath here is a knowledge base for a nuclear reactor..."
danbri: "It's possible to use rule-based reasoning, as well as representation of the underlying knowledge"
danbri: "It's accessing the underlying KB, looking at the various states of the components, ..."
danbri: "You can actually interrogate the system, ask it what course of logic it is following?"
danbri: "Tom, Why is Lisp the right language for an AI application?"
danbri: "Well one of the reason that Lisp is so important is that you need to have very powerful symbol-manipulation capabilities."
danbri: Also featuring John McCathy
danbri: "Q: What makes Lisp different?"
danbri: "A: It's programs are in same form as its data, so we can make programs that look at programs"
danbri: Do watch this!
danbri: Because we'll look as retro as this one day...
danbri: And in lots of ways they were spot on
danbri: No mention of t'internet yet though...
danbri: "Q: Explain more what you mean by a 'brittle' system?'
danbri: "A: It has to do with context, ... commonsense knowledge."
danbri: "... very few people are willing to pay to put commonsense knowledge into a computer, whereas for a nuclear reactor, ..."
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