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last updated at 2011-01-28 16:33
bblfish: the questions are biased by the context somewhat. The guy presents himself as from Google. People on the street are going somewhere thinking of something else, so that opening gets them to think of search. Certainly if you opened a computer and asked them to open a browser they would click on the correct button. What people think of is how to get somewhere, they don't think of moving their legs. They don't think of how to move the
bblfish: same with WebID. People will know how to use a WebId because it makes their life easy, allows them to feel secure, gets them to chat with friends, etc...
danbri: 1.02 "Explicit Q: Do you know what the difference is between a search engine and a browser?"
danbri: A pity
danbri: They have named entity finders, some of which could be wired up to LOD URIs...
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