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last updated at 2011-01-20 21:54
ww: sameAs
webr3: URI normalization issue in RDF(a) - see also for how your browser does it
webr3: pyRDFa also affected
webr3: and see: also affected
webr3: and see: sigma also affected
webr3: and see URIBurner/virtuoso also affected
webr3: and see - also affected, also arict all dot net /ms tooling is affected
webr3: basically, anything linked-data related or relying on third party components, or which has to follow your nose is affected by non-normalization
webr3: which by implication means all non-affected RDF implementations are incompatible with all web implementations which do normalize, and the web implementations are out of scope / can't be changed in many cases
webr3: also any HTML view of any RDF with non-normalized URIs is affected, just do <a href="HTTP://EXAMPLE.ORG/"> will produce a value of ""
webr3: nothing major though
DanC_pm: not clear that this is worth bothering over. how often does HTTP://EXAMPLE.ORG/ actually occur?
DanC_pm: and while RDF simple entailment is defined in terms of raw URI string comparison, there's nothing stopping an application from adopting rules from URI and HTTP specs...
DanC_pm: i.e. the URI spec says that HTTP://EXAMPLE.ORG/ owl:sameAs http://EXAMPLE.ORG/
DanC_pm: and the HTTP spec says that http://EXAMPLE.ORG/ owl:sameAs
DanC_pm: (HTTP and DNS, that is)
webr3: RDF, OWL, RIF and SPARQL all say non normalized string comparison - which is the issue, literal string comparison
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