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last updated at 2010-12-13 21:24
webr3: "as if to nothing" comprises of a selection of statistical data of the earth and its population.
Pipian_: RDF/XML translator for Google's DataWiki
Pipian_: Google's DataWiki
danbri: "Namespaces. This is probably the hardest and most controversial issue. I think the right answer is to take a deep breath and just say no. "
danbri: "I would also support the use of prefixes. The big difference is that prefixes would be meaningful and would not have to be declared. Conflicts between prefixes would be avoided by community cooperation rather than by namespace declarations. "
danbri: " I would divide prefixes into two categories: prefixes without any periods, and prefixes with one or more periods. "
danbri: "Prefixes without periods would have a lightweight registration procedure (ie a mailing list and a wiki); prefixes with periods would be intended for private use only and would follow a reverse domain name convention (e.g. "
mhausenblas_: using Google's BigQuery and Storage IaaS to query the LOD cloud (part I)
mhausenblas_: still need a BigQuery account to really run the tests, any takers?
danbri: Fun stuff! Why not have a look at Apache Hive and Pig too? Need your own hadoop cluster but no queuing for accounts...
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