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last updated at 2010-11-26 15:47
mischat: Steve's review of some iswc stuff, for those who didn't get to go
tommorris: Using RDF to add metadata to my Tumblr blog. Kind of a proof of concept: lots more interesting data soon.
tommorris: Basically, turning tags on my blog into skos:Concept and linking them together with dbpedia, and other places on the web of linked data.
tommorris: Code and documentation to follow. ;-)
tommorris: It uses rapper, Python's rdflib, jQuery and some brute force. rdflib is really quite awesome.
ww: rdflib++
tommorris: code at
tommorris: blog about it:
danbri: Euphemism for Greater Bristol Area, UK
danbri: "All your data is linked together ... You're accustomed to keeping the sequences of your DNAs in a digital form. You may also be accustomed to using tools like Zotero to easily grab literature reference, hold them in a standardized form on your computer, and being able to export them as bibliographies into your papers. "
danbri: "..."However, you're probably not used to seeing those two types of data linked together. When you go to publish, wouldn't it be nice to just say "Computer, give me all the papers associated with these constructs I made" and it would retrieve everything for you? "
danbri: ...from Background > Philosophy section
webr3: rdf serializations, opening up linked data to be usable by the masses, etc -
ww: It may surprise you to hear that my vision of a perfect (but realistic) government, is one that would release nothing, not a jot of data, not a single row or column..... until someone asked for it. When they did ask, my perfect government would then instantly publish that data in a brilliant, helpful format, regularly updated, and running on a lovely webservice that fulfils every data-mashers dreams.
danbri: See also Slovenia 2010 igem entry
danbri: "Information encoded by triplet nucleotides of DNA determines the order of incorporation of amino acids into proteins. We envisioned an alternative use of DNA as the scaffold for encoding information. ..."
danbri: "The Registry is a continuously growing collection of genetic parts that can be mixed and matched to build synthetic biology devices and systems. "
danbri: "Founded in 2003 at MIT, the Registry is part of the Synthetic Biology community's efforts to make biology easier to engineer. It provides a resource of available genetic parts to iGEM teams and academic labs."
danbri: See top 20
danbri: "In this Tutorial, we follow two young visitors to Windsor Castle in England."
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