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last updated at 2010-11-02 22:51
ww: oops
webr3: stick in URI of an RDFa document and it tells you what needs added to make a rich snippet, also shows you that google "understands"-ish the data
webr3: example:
webr3: "If this markup is about a person, at least 2 of the following fields are needed: organization, location, or role." (to get a rich snippet)
webr3: seeAlso and
ww: for MacTed
MacTed: thanks, ww!
MacTed: I hope this will encourage many more paper-authors to produce multiple final Web-friendly output formats! PDF just isn't one....
cygri: Google's Subscribed Links feature allows searching directly from the Google search box
cygri: Search for “foaf”, get a prominent special result from
danbri: Family tree stuff
danbri: I think from Jan Grant, part of the rdf test cases repo
dajobe: great to hear
danbri: I didn't mention RDFa 1.1; can anyone flesh out how things change there?
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