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last updated at 2010-10-28 21:38
ww: 666 triples bwahahaha
mhausenblas: see also as an entry point
mhausenblas: please let us know what you think!
ww: sameAs finger://
danbri: Back to school...
ww: As observed by corscheck
mhausenblas: help creating a more open world :)
mhausenblas: of CORS, is also CORS-enabled ;)
mhausenblas: and we also serve machines not only humans -
danbri: "The LDSpider project aims to build a web crawling framework for the linked data web. Requirements and challenges for crawling the linked data web are different from regular web crawling, thus this projects offer a web crawler adapted to traverse and harvest sources and instances from the linked data web."
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