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last updated at 2010-10-27 23:39
ww: Graphs with CORS Checking identifiable by ?g dct:isPartOf <>
ww: actually quite useful for sparql endpoint fingerprinting as well...
webr3: wonder when we can start colouring bits of it green
ww: gives a 500 error for HTTP HEAD?
webr3: data now cors/js accessible, thanks to Li Ding
ww: Dispenses with Collections for easier querying
webr3: Please add weight if you use and care about js access to ontologies
webr3: Added to, and (ty Toby Inkster)
webr3: js+cors support..
webr3: now CORS and JS friendly, see:
webr3: FOAF now CORS and JS friendly
webr3: now javascript and CORS friendly
webr3: also and
webr3: now javascript and CORS friendly
webr3: curl -I -X OPTIONS -H "Origin:"
webr3: now javascript and CORS friendly
webr3: now javascript and CORS friendly
webr3: curl -I -X OPTIONS -H "Origin:"
danbri: Nice background on some early hypertexty thinkers (like Paul Otlet).
KjetilK: Relevant to the SemanticInbox discussion
tobyink: think kjetilk is referring to
tobyink: This seems hard-coded to always transmit as application/x-www-form-urlencoded. This is more tunnelling traditional SMTP/RFC822 messages over HTTP, whereas I'm just using HTTP's in-built message transmission protocol to send messages that are more than plain old requests for web pages.
KjetilK: The important part is that it would be trivial to forward the request, however you want to do that, so that you can for example use a WebID to authenticate, and then reject the message in the SMTP dialog if the authentication fails
danbri: " (artistsrelease groups/50) + (artistsreleases/50) + (artistsrecordings/50) + (artistsworks/50) "
danbri: "That results in a whopping 117.6 billion pages of RDFa"
danbri: Scary redundancy! But cool to have all that data
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