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last updated at 2010-10-22 19:53
danbri: "By signing a script using a valid certificate issued from a certificate authority (such as VeriSign) you certify that you are the owner of the script and that the script was not modified before reaching the end user. Because signed scripts offer this proof of identity, only signed scripts can be granted extended privileges by the user. Using this model you can sign any JavaScript in an HTML page or referred to by the HTML page with <SCRIPT SRC="...">
danbri: "signed.applets.codebase_principal_support ... user set ... boolean .. false"
danbri: Does this mean that tabulator code is signed? how? :)
danbri: Some detail on how to get x-domain permissions, in Opera as well as Firefox
danbri: A very old rdf/foaf crawler I wrote, plus a bunch of the thumbnails it brought back in ~sept 2002.
danbri: Runs in your browser, if you'll run some kind of proxy on the server that http-serves up the HTML/.js....
danbri: It will crash your browser
dajobe: BINDINGS might be in the wrong place.
danbri: Rather you than me!
dajobe: I should request it be called sparql 2
danbri: Yeah *.1 is a rhetorical trick to make Working Groups stay realistic and on-schedule
dajobe: kasei pointed out ORDER BY should be before projection
mischat: came across this thing, sounds drm'ie to me
kjetilkWork: DRMie, possibly, but read this. AFAIC, DRM is about who controls the private keys, if they are mine, I'm ok
danbri: includes link to dirty dog data
danbri: (For all those who think 'the browser guys' should obviously urgently do x, y, or z ...., now it's your turn)
danbri: RDF in context, via
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