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last updated at 2010-10-20 21:26
DanC: "In this paper, we present a Semantic Web-based data warehouse (Corvus) for creating relationships among caGrid models. "
DanC: but I can't find the source code; has anybody seen it?
mischat: The HTML is really ugly at the source level, it is looks really good in my browser
ww: home of thimbl
danbri: (You think that's air you're spending?)
tobyink: see also
danbri: Rough but ready
danbri: Contribs welcomed
ww: InfoD Windows Finger Service
webr3: slightly modified N3 Path selector for RDF, implemented in javscript - like a simple sparql select eg: ":me!foaf:knows!foaf:name,rdf:type"
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