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last updated at 2010-10-14 21:28
presbrey: top 100 word occurrences in 977 total TED talks fetched from english subtitles:
timbl: Does openstreetmap (mapnik) and various other maps
timbl: Multiple prjections
timbl: "Lots of map data is provided on the internet on servers via the Web Map Service ("WMS") protocol. Bernhard Beschow has added initial quick and dirty WMS support to Marble." -- how?
timbl: Would like ontology for describing WMS sources so you can link to them from sem web things
webr3: "<timbl> I have cleaned up and extended a bit the sem web deployment plan"
timbl: A merge of contributions from variou smeetings
webr3: apparently quite a few people interested in using again, may be scope to re spec through IETF as was recently done with PATCH
webr3: also related is PROPPATCH
tommorris: Wrote this up for after being saddened by watching numerous otherwise intelligent people I know get frustrated at how difficult it is for newbies to get into using RDF data.
tommorris: Corrections welcome, and I'll hopefully add the section on SPARQL soon.
tommorris: Comments welcome to or on the wiki
danbri: Nice work :)
Wikier: Great ides this document! I've just made some constributions on SPARQL section
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