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last updated at 2010-09-11 17:37
mischat: | Online Presence ontology
mischat: modelling online presence, used by the microblogging service
karlcow: the article has a passage about "Microformats and RDFa"
karlcow: "At the same time, RDFa was designed to work with the now-defunct XHTML 2.0 spec. Although RDFa is being ported to work with HTML5, it can be overly complex for many use cases. RDFa is a bit like asking what time it is and having someone tell you how to build a watch. Yes, RDFa can do the same things HTML5 microdata and Microformats do (and more), but if the history of the web teaches us a lesson, it’s that simpler solutions almost always win."
aur: featuring wiki-defined human readable schemas
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