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last updated at 2010-09-07 21:03
mhausenblas: if you have input, please ping me via mail or tweet using #qualitywebdata
danbri: W3C Recommendation 7 September 2010
danbri: Part of this was separating the bits of thesaurus-ism that RDF just does from the bits that we didn't cover with the core RDF/RDFS specs
danbri: "Many vocabulary systems have a tacit or unarticulated semantic model obscured behind relatively uninformative relationships such as 'broader' and 'narrower'. It is usually impossible to mechanically derive a richer set of relationships from a system based around these vague, generic relation types."
danbri: "General hierarchical relationships are frequently used to indicate one of several actual relationships. The relationships 'is a', 'has instantiation', and 'has part', for example, might all be encoded using the less informative 'narrower' relation."
danbri: "The simpler 'core' relations are best thought of as being relationships between named concepts or terms, rather than as relations between real world (or abstract) entities. In other words, while we might say that "Fido is a dog" using a rich, semantic relationship, we would say that "the-term-Fido has-broader-term the-term-dog"."
gromgull: Not all that pleasant if you are not used to protege
gromgull: 170,020 types in total
gromgull: 95,379 predicates in total
nap: 2010 version
nap: µJena, Android, SQLite
nap: Diagram
MacTed: apparently can't tell the difference between a framework (Sesame, Jena) and a DBMS-and-then-some (Virtuoso)
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