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last updated at 2010-09-06 16:35
danbri: "There are currently more than 60 million distinct ?items? in the taste graph. An item can be a person, a place, an opinion, a movie, a pair of shoes?or just about anything that you might either agree with, disagree with, like or dislike"
danbri: "There are more than 10 BILLION connections (proper math terminology would denote them ?edges?) in Hunch?s taste graph. An example of a connection/edge is the fact that a particular person likes the Honda Civic, or whether someone happens to be a vegetarian. It?s these edges that give Hunch the ability to make smart predictions even when it only knows a tiny bit about someone."
webr3: and the email..
webr3: "A new version of DOM Core as an alternative to DOM Level 3 Core mostly for web browsers..."
danbri: Can someone link the submissions?
gromgull: all submissions here:
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