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last updated at 2010-08-20 20:58
Shepard: "On October 1, 2010, we will close the SearchMonkey developer tool, gallery, and app preferences."
Shepard: "Yahoo! Search is continuing to shift from a model where developers build lightweight apps to install on Yahoo! to one where publishers enhance their own site markup to produce similar results."
Shepard: "Yahoo! Search results pages will continue to show enhanced result templates from websites’ page markup and structured data feeds along with Microsoft’s organic listings."
danbri: by Marko A. Rodriguez and Peter Neubauer
danbri: "A graph is a data structure composed of dots (i.e., vertices) and lines (i.e., edges). The dots and lines of a graph can be organized into intricate arrangements. A graph?s ability to denote objects and their relationships to one another allows for a surprisingly large number of things to be modeled as graphs."
danbri: "From the dependencies that link software packages to the wood beams that provide the framing to a house, most anything has a corresponding graph representation. However, just because it is possible to represent something as a graph does not necessarily mean that its graph representation will be useful."
danbri: "If a modeler can leverage the plethora of tools and algorithms that store and process graphs, then such a mapping is worthwhile. "
danbri: "This article explores the world of graphs in computing and exposes situations in which graphical models are beneficial. "
danbri: Nearby in the Web: Gremlin, a graph-based programming language.
danbri: See also Gremlin RDF support
danbri: Nice writeup, as usual
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