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last updated at 2010-07-12 23:41
mischat: Agenda, including links to slides
csarven: "This firefox add-on lets you visualize all the RDFa triples included in a web page, shows a list with errors and warnings found while parsing the document and with it is possible to execute SPARQL queries on the RDFa content."
mischat: BBC's World cup page powered off of a triplestore (OWLIM I think)
shellac: Heh, eyeball used for validation.
shellac: It was BigOWLIM
melvster: It's a direct competitor to Thomson Reuters' Calais product
kennyluck: I am not sure about the WebID == FOAF+SSL statement
mhausenblas: pls put your name there if you're interested
mhausenblas: WebID protocol (former FOAF+SSL)
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