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last updated at 2010-07-01 23:36
webr3: updated to read 'When someone looks up a URI, provide useful information, using the standards (RDF*, SPARQL)' and 'The basic format here for RDF/XML, with its popular alternative serialization N3 (or Turtle).'
webr3: ie N3's fine for Linked Data :-)
webr3: may also be new 'Large datasets provide a SPARQL query service, but the basic linked data should br provided as well.' - good practise certainly and worth noting
MacTed: 'The basic format here for RDF/XML...' Um, what? That suggests that "RDF" is the basic format of "RDF/XML" -- but RDF/XML is the format...
danbri: "Will editors of journals such as this in a few years' time be out looking for new jobs? Will a world, overrun with forests, only use paper for packing the potato crisps eaten by hungry hackers?"
danbri: "Should you save this issue of Physics World as a possible collector's item?"
danbri: Also in plain text
danbri: Some interesting and very early discussion of subject-based access, role of classification, human guides etc.
mhausenblas: Editor is John Gregg (Google)
bblfish: wonder how it is related to pingback
webr3: not really related, it simply shows a notification on the desktop, but could be used with pingbacks in some way perhaps..
bblfish: foaf+ssl implemented in Clerezza, an apache semweb app server based on OSGi components
bblfish: I think we have all the languages covered now
danbri: This was last time I found a use case for literals as subjects...
Wikier: a rdf-powered social network software?
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