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last updated at 2010-05-31 22:37
mischat: | New look diaspora
mischat: seems like they are going to be implementing Ostatus stuff
mischat: | ""
webr3: rediculously big sink hole opens up in zone 2 of guatemala city
mischat: | Trice is an agile RDF framework for efficient web development.
melvster: 3.2 Billion statements c.f. 1.1 last year
mischat: | David Cameron to make more government data available
melvster: Details of large government contracts will be published from September, items of central government spending from November and local government spending over £500 from next January.
melvster: Civil servants earning more than £150,000 will be named and their salaries disclosed, and this figure will be lowered to £58,000 later in the year.
melvster: Ministers quote research from Cambridge University that suggests such information could add £6bn to the economy.
kjetilkWork: The container used by the WebM project
kjetilkWork: Perhaps we should find a way to add RDF metadata in the container?
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