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last updated at 2010-05-30 22:54
melvster: Dom Joly on the Web
chimezie: Managing standard clinical terminology via (open source) semantic web tools
webr3: JSON-LD - Linked Data expression in JSON
webr3: A Context-based Serialization of JSON for Linked Data
webr3: From Mark Birbeck & Manu Sporny
Anchakor: "The point is that the machine can recognize a semantic entity that's meaningful to humans, and programs can associate behavior ("semantics") with those entities. In the semantic web case, the machine semantics and human semantics are different, and no-one is seriously trying to pretend that the machine is currently "understanding" anything in the AI sense."
bblfish: this should allow us to build simple systems and have up to date foaf files that are really useful
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