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last updated at 2010-05-19 20:20
webr3: approach to exposing access controlled resources via HTTP and HTTPS without the need for https scheme URIs
mischat: | Protege OWL tutorial
karlcow: example, “method and system for mapping between logical data and physical data”
melvster: a new group to address the serious security challenges posed by identity management in cloud computing
melvster: The IDCloud Technical Committee also is committed to maintaining strong liaison relationships with other relevant standards organizations
danbri: Aggregations of BBC programmes, using dbpedia URIs
webr3: So when eg:someurl#frag is used in an RDF document, eg:someurl is taken to designate some RDF document (even when no such document can be retrieved).
webr3: if that were refined to all #fragment == non information resources, all non-fragment uri's == information resources : then named graphs resolution, frag vs slash would both be sorted, and httpRange-14 wouldn't be an issue
webr3: but a huge amount of data would become invalid
tobyink: Feedback desired - either here or by email to "mail" at tobyinkster dot co dot uk.
tobyink: more information
tobyink: source code
mhausenblas: A big hurray and congrats to Jim and Li & team
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