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last updated at 2010-04-30 20:30
danbri: Part of schepers' slides on svg
tobyink1: It turns out lua is quite a nice scripting language.
danbri: fwiw Lua is now embedded in the VLC media player (which is how I found myself learning it)
mischat: |Facebook's Eroding Privacy Policy: A Timeline
mischat: I don't want to "playa hate" (am in the US right now, picking up lingo), I do "like" the work facebook is doing with SW tech, but ....
kennyluck: looks very nice
tobyink1: It has a jQuery client-side component to find @prefix definitions when you hover over a QName.
tobyink1: And QNames also show the full URIs in tooltips.
tobyink1: actually no; they're links to the full URI (Opera just shows link hrefs as tooltips)
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