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last updated at 2010-04-27 20:58
DanC: title needs work.
DanC: "RDF specs and APIs have made a bit of a mess out of a couple pretty basic tools of math and computing: graphs and logic formulas. With the RDF next steps workshop coming up and Pat Hayes re-thinking RDF semantics Sandro thinking out loud about RDF2, I'd like us to think about RDF in more traditional terms. The scala programming language seems to be an interesting framework to explore how they relate to RDF."
KjetilK: "Jstle (pronounced `jostle') is a terse, Javascript-native literal serialization language for RDF graphs. The semantic rules loosely follow those of the text-based Turtle RDF serialization language by Dave Beckett and Tim Berners-Lee."
DanC: I thought I wanted something like this, but now that I see it, there sure is a lot of punctuation
danbri: See also Stephen Fry's.
mischat: Yay to London town
mischat: 12/13 July 2010, London
chimezie: similarly - JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit
DanC: how does one use Sesame as a SPARQL endpoint? Whee is it (hidden) in the docs?
DanC: aha... in 8.4. Repository queries
DanC: is anybody else creeped out by the centralization?
kennyluck: is anybody else worrying that FOAF might be very important in the future yet it's not in W3C domain?
DanC: why no connection to foaf:Person, foaf:Document, etc?
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