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last updated at 2010-04-26 23:10
melvster: Sindice goes realtime
melvster: Already parsing open graph triples
melvster: date:today - shows results only from today
melvster: date:last_week - shows results from -7 days to now
KjetilK: Intended as a discussion item about using concepts from RDFa to build a templating language
KjetilK: Try installing with
KjetilK: wget -O - | perl - RDF::RDFa::Template
kennyluck: (by gavinc) is built by something similar in python
mischat: | Facebook privacy hole 'lets you see where strangers plan to go'
mischat: apparent bug in the Facebook Graph API
idmclean: Atanas Kiryakov attempted the Modigliani Test and wrote a blog about his methodology and the issues he faced.
melvster: Readwrite web on Linked Data
melvster: the tipping point for the Semantic Web may be when anyone can query a set of data about a historical figure and get a long list of structured results in return
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