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last updated at 2010-04-08 17:29
DanC: RFC 5829 April 2010
DanC: includes terms such as predecessor-version and successor-version ; does it give them full URIs? how does these compare to the versioning terms in OWL?
DanC: how did I miss drafts of this RFC? is there an atom/rss feed for internet draft abstracts?
DanC: nifty! I hadn't seen this before
danbri: "Hypertext is text which is not constrained to be linear. "
danbri: via links and anchors
danbri: "A link is the connection between one piece of hypertext and another."
kjetilkWork: Will take place in Oslo, Norway from the 19th to 21st of April
kjetilkWork: Now a pure hacking event, it was moved to Oslo from Geilo
kjetilkWork: with kasei, tobyink and KjetilK
kjetilkWork: please ping KjetilK for details
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