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last updated at 2010-04-02 23:34
bendiken: a work-in-progress, not touched since Nov 2009 or thereabouts.
bendiken: hopefully useful to someone working with Scala (we are mostly doing Ruby these days).
bendiken: hereby placed into the public domain
danbri: I wrote this during the deletionist debate, and it was ... deleted from the article. Nice to see it's back there, I think it even helps.
danbri: I don't agree with all/much of this, however
danbri: "The fact that no SPARQL engines exist for Ruby or PHP should be considered a failure of the standard. Why are we adding complexity when there is no SQLite for SPARQL? "
danbri: This is worth taking to heart...
danbri: Samples from Leigh Dodds showing use of schematron to constrain RDF descriptions at syntactic level
danbri: Example foaf-image.sch has rules for an image description.
danbri: Clark-Parsia have some interesting work lately, w/ SPARQL and OWL for doing closed world validation... worth googling too.
danbri: "A description of the resource identified by"
danbri: An example of a description that uses FOAF but where the description should probably not be considered a 'FOAF file'....
danbri: Slide 25, "Why would a startup with an RDF-guru CTO not do RDF import?"
danbri: Clue: "wanted - stable, packaged pure-Ruby RDF toolkit"
danbri: Building raptor wasn't an option ...
bendiken: a quick diff between the APIs of RDF.rb and RdfContext, two actively-developed RDF libraries for Ruby
bendiken: based on discussions with RdfContext's author on possibly merging efforts
dajobe: umm. what?
bendiken: an RDF.rb plugin that adds support for parsing/serializing RDF/XML and Turtle data using dajobe's rapper utility
bendiken: just released version 0.1.0, the first usable and documented version
bendiken: if you use Ruby and RubyGems, just do "sudo gem install rdf-raptor" to install
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