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last updated at 2010-04-01 22:08
melvster: Hacking Ordnance Survey Meridian2 for beginners
melvster: perl script
melvster: generates Adobe Illustrator files from Meridian2 shapefiles
danbri: ""Location-based services are a disruptive technology that are setting the Web on fire. Fire as hot as a thousand suns! And we want a piece of that action.""
timbl: Announced today
timbl: More to come (vectors) in may
danbri: Why did they announce something on April Fool's day? This is great news, but will people believe it?
timbl: An ontology of generic resources
danbri: FixedResource is a good thing to have named!
danbri: See also pic next to it a timeline version
timbl: Works :)
timbl: 200 return code, and therefore according to Tabulator both an RDF document and a Named Place.
timbl: unless a tabulator bug .. could be
timbl: Alas 404
mischat: hehe, Momonia
mischat: Legal threats from Facebook have led to the destruction of a social science dataset about to be released to researchers.
danbri: But this is an old link
danbri: On botnets as cloud-services
shellac: 14 Billion triples added to the web
shellac: No comment
shellac: Via OSM
shellac: Richard Fairhurst's summary is very useful
shellac: 'Licence will be "without restrictions on use and re-use".' Not CC-BY (happily).
shellac: Watch this space
shellac: Website under strain. Here's the licence.
MacTed: What's wrong with CC-BY? why is it bad to (require that future users) be able to trace data provenance?
MacTed: relevant thread (and message) on dbpedia-discussion -
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