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last updated at 2010-03-26 17:07
iand: Free events in Manchester and London. Includes intro to RDF + Linked Data, and full SPARQL tutorial
mhausenblas: Programme and papers are now available online
kjetilkWork: Moved to Oslo
danbri: Some 2008 data from SWSE, just the foaf bits
danbri: Each term, we have figures showing raw triple count, but also docs it appears in, and internet hosts
danbri: Idea is to give a more balanced sense of how embedded in widespread practice a term might be
danbri: I'd love to mine google code w/ heuristics to find namespace URIs in src code too
danbri: Put the google chart on log/log layout for best view
iand: a compendium of RDF schemas
iand: some known problems with certain types of openid, e.g. yahoo
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