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last updated at 2010-03-22 20:17
melvster: This Institute will help place the UK at the cutting edge of research on the Semantic Web and other emerging web and internet technologies
melvster: As if it wasn't already :)
Anchakor: A new QuadStore which combines the best of two worlds (Lucene/Fulltext search engines & TripleStores/RDF/SPARQL) is out and can be evaluated online.
Anchakor: interesting implementation of engine specific functions via reasoning engine probably - inserting triples with <> as predicate into the data for example
Anchakor: release annoucement
Anchakor: seems like just a web service?
melvster: Fat-Free's simple domain-specific language, fast template engine (capable of rendering HTML, XML, RSS, FOAF, RDF, e-mail and regular text), powerful cache, unit testing tools, HTML forms processor, and easy-to-use SQL handler for databases - in one tiny 42KB zero-install file!
mischat: via moj :)
shellac: Feature openid support
Anchakor: Awesome, I'm downloading videos of 1986 SICP lectures right now
mischat: Live Stream of Gordon Brown talking about Semantic Web and Web Science at 2010-03-22#T08-15-31
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