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last updated at 2010-02-16 19:42
danbri: A graph thingumy language. RDF-friendly.
danbri: "Today is a big day in Neo4j land because after ten long years of development and seven years of commercial 24/7 production we just announced Neo4j 1.0!"
bblfish: the foaf+ssl certificate authority would be the only CA not to certify anything :-)
DanC: 2009/11/04 Frédérick Giasson, ed
DanC: darn. /-uri for namespace.
DanC: hmm... event: time... like SUMO. I prefer doing it like cyc where you can just give the start time of an event directly
DanC: examples use "" which is not reserved; try or just example
DanC: examples use /-uris for people and places too. sigh.
DanC: hmm... for the ontology URI... I wonder how much it would cost to endow publication of the schema under its own domain
danbri: What's wrong with purl?
DanC: purl adds a redirect and introduces OCLC into the communication without a clear role
DanC: perhaps in the case of bibliographic data, OCLC has a relevant interest, actually.
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