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last updated at 2010-02-12 23:12
DanC: wow! something RDF-related that looks done by a competent designer!
DanC: though... darn... in-your-face-URLs for the source data
DanC: discussion of coherent logic
kennyluck: Last updated: 2009-07-14
kennyluck: for example, NYTimes is not in the diagram
kennyluck: kind of sad...I like this diagram so much...
mhausenblas: using LRDD
mhausenblas: for example, curl
mhausenblas: how long will it take till we have an RDF view of it, mapped to FOAF, DC, vCard, whatever?
mhausenblas: related post by Tim Finin
mhausenblas: and o'course bblfish's kewl blog post re this:
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