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last updated at 2010-01-11 22:12
danbri: Hadn't seen this. Any use for stuffing RDF inside?
AndyS: Stores using BDB (C or JE) e.g. TDB-BDB should port fairly directly to the Indexed Database API
danbri: Amazing what's possible these days :)
cygri: some new stuff in reverse lookups, negative votes against spam, VANN export etc
Wikier: via Frade
Wikier: "Very first version missing a lot of explanations."
danbri: Nice to have this, though an event/activity-oriented representation would allow for multiple contributions to be more naturally expressed. In RDF, if you say 'x rel y' three times, you're not adding anything more than first time.
danbri: Although contexts/source could be taken into account of course...
MacTed: karma bots in IRC confirm the need -- e.g., ` mhausenblas++ # nice work on xyz ` ... praise needs space for (at least optional) reason and/or `more info` pointer
danbri: I still have my weird time-based karma system proposal out there. Not sure if I'm serious about it!
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