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last updated at 2009-12-31 12:48
mhausenblas: early alpha release - happy to hear feedback
danbri: It nearly works, even...
danbri: Via reading that there are now links between Cyc and FOAF.
danbri: Key Industry Players Collaborate to Develop Interoperable Metadata for the Web
danbri: For immediate release
danbri: (ahem :)
danbri: CAMBRIDGE, MASS., USA -- October 3, 1997 -- The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) today announced the first public draft of a work-in-progress of the Resource Description Framework (RDF), providing interoperability between applications that exchange machine-understandable information on the Web.
danbri: "The development of RDF illustrates the power of the collaborative process within W3C Working Groups" said Ralph Swick, W3C Metadata Project Manager.
danbri: "Beginning with a functional requirement from an end-user Member, the RDF Working Group brought together additional Members to work to achieve a solution of which everyone can be proud."
danbri: ...
danbri: The RDF Working Group is one of the earliest phases of a major effort by the Consortium to build a vendor-neutral and operating system- independent system of metadata.
danbri: The collaborative design effort on RDF originated as an extension on the PICS content description technology, and draws upon the XML design as well as recent W3C Submissions by Microsoft [XML Web Collections] and Netscape [XML/MCF].
danbri: In addition, documents such as Microsoft's XML-Data and Site Map proposals, and the Dublin Core/Warwick Framework have also influenced the RDF design.
danbri: RDF will allow different application communities to define the metadata property set that best serves the needs of each community.
danbri: RDF metadata can be used in a variety of application areas such as:
danbri: - in resource discovery to provide better search engine capabilities;
danbri: - in cataloging for describing the content and content relationships available at a particular Web site, page, or digital library;
danbri: - by intelligent software agents to facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange;
danbri: - in content rating for child protection and privacy protection;
danbri: - in describing collections of pages that represent a single logical "document";
danbri: - for describing intellectual property rights of Web pages.
danbri: With digital signatures, RDF will be key to building the "Web of Trust" for electronic commerce, collaboration, and other applications.
danbri: RDF will use XML as the transfer syntax in order to leverage other tools and code bases being built around XML.
danbri: This draft, describing the details of the RDF metadata model and syntax, will be presented next week at the semi-annual meeting of the Dublin Core group in Helsinki, Finland.
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