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last updated at 2009-11-21 17:23
tommorris: Something SemWeb people may enjoy - uses textual matching of names to produce a 'My Papers' list on profiles. It has made me seem significantly more published than I actually am.
tommorris: Another clear use case for disambiguation through use of URIs.
danbri: ""I had to explain to colleagues that no, there is nobody working on providing linked data for""...
danbri: ...and there might never be, if SemWeb hotheads go picking fights with people working on opening and linking(tm) that data.
danbri: (If I'm missing relevant backstory, please educate me!)
danbri: I appreciate the desire for clear messaging around 'linked data' (though we could do worse than put our own house in order first...), but there are gentler ways of communicating with RDF skeptics...
Anchakor: Has a point that if you want to name a clearly defined technology (or a set of them), don't use ambiguous general terms like 'linked data' or 'semantic web'
tommorris: The nasty cop, it turns out, is cygri. He's responded here -
tommorris: It's a list of Semantic Web people. And it's on Twitter. It veers towards my prejudices (in the Gadamerian sense): Linked Data, FOAFish, VoCamp, #swig etc.
tommorris: If you aren't on there and should be, shout at me via Twitter, e-mail or IRC and I'll add you. Non-inclusion ought not to be taken as a slight. (Open world assumption, remember.)
tommorris: Just noticed that danbri is on everybody's semanticweb list, while I'm listed on at least one sarcasm list. Really need to RDFize this stuff into foaf:Groups.
tommorris: The worst thing is that I'm the only person on that person's sarcasm list. D'oh. ;)
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