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last updated at 2009-11-12 22:26
dajobe: invents their own xml metadata format
PovAddict: wtf?
dajobe: MMD is the official successor of the old RDF-based metadata format, which was popular among semantic web enthusiasts, but didn't have much acceptance otherwise because of its perceived complexity.
dajobe: at least they are using xml and relaxng than starting with json and reinventing it
PovAddict: and at least it is actually REST, instead of the usual ("we have a REST protocol, POST the name of the function call to!")
Shepard: I can't really see anything new, just explaining FRBR in other words.
danbri: Sometimes words matter...
earle: "Registration for the workshop has now closed due to high demand." :(
danbri: "This page is DanBri's record of how he got ISBNs out of Wikipedia. There are similar notes in the NoTube project wiki, but these are public. "
danbri: "Basically I ran a series of scripts from Jakob Voss. The DBPedia guys also have 14-15000 ISBNs "
danbri: "This technique finds about half a million, but they are just mentions of ISBNs; the page might be about something else. "
melvster: OAuth WRAP
melvster: Draft spec from Google Yahoo Microsoft
melvster: Adds HTTPS to the OAuth protocol
melvster: Previous name: Simple OAuth" — "simple" because of its reliance on HTTPS for handling the crypto
Phurl: basically a catalyst rails framework meets redland
Phurl: Announcment blog post
melvster1: RDF metadata for XML access control
melvster1: seems to want a password to download :(
melvster1: Using XACML for access control in Social Networks
melvster1: In our opinion, there is a clear need of a common ontology expressing the semantics of all the elements contained in access control policies.
melvster1: Our idea, is to initiate it at a specific application level (i.e. Social Networks) combining the use of current existing ontologies, such as the Delivery Context Ontology [9], FOAF [10]
melvster1: position papers for workshop on access control
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