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last updated at 2009-11-11 22:04
danja: A project in which every Indian citizen would have one unique identification number
PovAddict: in Last Call, deadline 2009-11-24
tommorris: My brain is in the process of melting at the insanity of bblfish's treatment by the US justice system.
tommorris: The inner angry cyberlibertarian nutjob encrypting all his Facebook messages with 4,096-bit GPG is coming out.
PovAddict: seems to support sending mail to someone given only the md5 of their address --drewp
PovAddict: seems awfully close to undoing the FOAF spam-protection feature of publishing only checksums of people's addresses --drewp
PovAddict: worrying indeed
MacTed: protection through obscurity isn't really protection... FOAF-based spam protection should be more of a graph crawl along the lines of "Friends OK, Friends-of-Friends probably OK, Friends-of-Friends-of-Friends less likely, etc." with increasing "good" for more chains
drobilla: useful
drobilla: useless
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