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last updated at 2009-11-06 23:41
tommorris: Alan Kay discusses the history and thought behind OOP. 43 minutes in, he talks about mapping OOP and the Internet - every object should have a URL, he says. Interesting: imagine if you had something like Java where there are some standard methods you define for any class - toString(), hashCode(), equals() etc. - add in constructUri() and you've got yourself a subject.
tommorris: Then imagine the predicates - you've got properties and methods. For each property and method, you could define (or inherit, perhaps using something like Scala's traits system) a URI for the value returned by each method or held in each property.
melvster: Raw Health Data
melvster: We are encouraging agencies to provide the data in the raw format, which is a little bit different than the way we’ve always provided that data
space: pydoc -g
danbri: (and presumably other things, haven't watched it all yet)
danbri: When does something stop being a meetup and start looking like a conference?
danbri: And a bit of Sandro talking about eGov in the q/a session too :)
danbri: "& OWL2 went to Recommendation today!"
danbri: TimBL on egov, "learn what the problems are that they have, and explain that to the semweb people"
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