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last updated at 2009-11-05 12:07
tommorris: Finally written a test harness for dbpedia-tests. The point of this is simple - if you are browsing or SPARQLing dbpedia and you find some strange bit of parsing or logic or something that just doesn't fit, write a test for it.
tommorris: Each test is a SPARQL ASK query that returns either true or false. The filename specifies whether it returns true or false by whether or not the filename contains the word 'true' or 'false'. The test harness sends all the queries off to dbpedia (when there are more tests, I'll do rate limiting, intelligent retries etc) to see if they pass.
tommorris: Suggestions for licensing are welcome. I guess I could make test.rb GPL. Not sure about SPARQL test queries - do they need licencing? Gah, I hate legal crap.
mhausenblas: should have some stuff for RDF/SPARQL/RDFa/GRDDL/etc. as well
Wikier: freely available to download
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