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last updated at 2009-11-03 22:29
timbl: A tradeshow Web3 planned by the same folks that own ..
timbl: "The first few web3 we made a loss on biut the last one we even had 3 people from Green Mountain Coffee :)"
danbri_: If you know anyone this might suit in Montreal, pass it along.
CaptSolo: there's an EuroPython presentation covering an earlier version of SuRF (0.5)
Wikier: RIF-Core validator
Wikier: available both as web app and as REST service
Wikier: partially funded by ONTORULE FP7 Project
tobyink: IANA does already provide URIs for registered media types - e.g. - though nothing especially useful when dereferencing them.
tobyink: home page contains an unsafe CURIE in RDFa @about
Shepard: Maybe they could provide sameAs links to the IANA URIs.
tobyink: And It's not just you! looks down from here.
Shepard: and
tobyink: And bengee's not on Freenode #semsol
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