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last updated at 2009-10-23 21:16
dajobe: anyone got an answer to this? I think it can't be done without a new sparql graph operator such as DIFF
logger: See discussion
Anchakor: First asked here
dajobe: by Li Ding and Zhengning Shangguan
libby: example resource bristol
libby: underlying talis endpoint
danbri: That's great! Very odd thing to have made so carefully, but great!
danbri: Currently this is (experimentally and with tobyink's help) anyone whose openid is known to my wordpress blog
danbri: I'd like help at the wordpress end too
tommorris: Any chance the real timbl could confirm if this is him or a fakester?
danbri: I'm told it is him, yeah
tobyink: ::
danbri: I guess the Strophe js library could use this as a way of doing xmpp/bosh type stuff?
danbri: scor++ :)
danbri: But I'm a bit stuck on the sql details, with update vs insert vs replace vs 'insert on duplicate key'
danbri: So any help welcomed there
danbri: I've just shut off anon edits again, and added yet more anti-spam machinery (ip blacklists)
danbri: if it was easier to maintain a list of people who could login with openid (passwordless if via foaf+ssl) and help revert stuff, maybe wikis could be more open again?
dajobe: GET your query results here
dajobe: also it's a sparql endpoint
dajobe: and a dessert topping and floor wax
dajobe: usage instructions for querying are at the Triplr home page
danja: but don't try to hit it too hard
dajobe: given that it loads urls on demand, in memory
dajobe: you could call this 'cloud' query if it wasn't a set of perl scripts on a shared hosting site...
dajobe: proudly powered by perl and redland and caffeine
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