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last updated at 2009-10-18 22:18
danbri: In theory the iremoted stuff could presumably be redone in pure Ruby Cocoa? But this works too for now.
danbri: I made a few minor changes to the c, like flushing buffers and making it exclusive consumer of appleremote events
danbri: See readme.txt for more
danbri: I want to be able to point appleremote at my laptop, and have the clicks flow thru to .js running in opensocial widgets (via xmpp/bosh/strophe...)...
Shepard: "What's wrong with the design of the Internet?" - Eugene Kaspersky: "There's anonymity. Everyone should and must have an identification, or Internet passport."
Shepard: "I'd like to change the design of the Internet by introducing regulation--Internet passports, Internet police and international agreement--about following Internet standards. And if some countries don't agree with or don't pay attention to the agreement, just cut them off."
danbri: Very very very interesting work :)
danbri: "If designing a form or database that will accept names from people with a variety of backgrounds, you should ask yourself whether you really need to have separate fields for given name and family name."
danbri: "I suspect an approach based on adding markup to the display name will work better than trying to figure out a set of database fields."
Anchakor: in pdf
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