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last updated at 2009-10-14 23:22
dajobe: The site is powered by Drupal, with packages catalogued and hosted by CKAN. Meanwhile, hosts a data store powered by Talis that can scale to 100 billion triples and is hosted on Amazon EC2. The system is federated, so departments can add and control their own data, lots of which is available as RDF, with the remainder downloadable in spreadsheet form.
danja: one for the Wien folks
danbri: Go Nigel!
danbri: Not the finest audio quality recording, mind
danja: love it, especially the surfer girl
danja: noticable that semweb is there - thank you
mhausenblas: re eat your own dogfood ( - very sad indeed
mhausenblas: I already complaint about this fact with my AC rep hat on - I think W3C should definitely offer some structured data
danja: "Old people still write letters the old-fashioned way: by hand, with a biro..."
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